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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  November 16, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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believe has a role in serious future because of his brutal rule, his war against the syrian people is the primary root cause of this crisis. what is different this time and what gives us some degree of hope is that as i said for the first time, all major countries on all sides of the syrian conflict agree on a process that is needed to end this war. so while we are very clear eyed about the very difficult road still ahead, the united states and in partnership with our coalition is going to remain relentless on all fronts, military, humanitarian and diplomatic. we have the right strategy and we're going to see it through. with that, i'm going to take some questions and i will begin with jerome cartalia of afp. >> we've been listening live to president obama, live in turkey. at the g-20 summit. he was talking about a variety
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of topics, obviously the terror attack in paris. among other things, he talked about sharing intelligence to prevent further terror attacks, he also said isis will have no safe haven anywhere. and he talked about a variety of things in the world stage, but again this is live from turkey, president obama at the italian summit. we'll have much more about what he said, but that's the major focus. what happened in paris saying that basis will have no safe haven anywhere and that intelligence to prevent any further attacks will be shared among the countries involved with the g-20 summit.
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the rest 40s. upper 30s are in here. one observation 33. 46, 47, brentwood, there's enough of a breeze that the temperatures would be cooler. accept for a few high clouds from the north, there is a northerly breeze, it will be a blustery day, when the wind tails off, the temperatures drop off of the table it will be cold tomorrow morning. it's cold enough. the breeze is helding temperatures up. there's a windchill that's what we have in store today. upper 50s, very low 60s. how are things on the roads and the highways and the biways?
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>> we have slow traffic all over the place we have had a couple crashes, most is the slow traffic starting off by looking at the bay bridge toll plaza and see that traffic is backed up we'll show you the slowdowns starting in the north bay. it's not unusual. 80 is west of highway 4 driving through berkeley. a lot of slow traffic in pittsburgh 580 is not bad. 680 is going to be slow we have slow traffic approaching at 92 they were clearing up a crash windy across the bay area bridges. the heaviest is northbound 280 getting into the act. no trouble on the bay shore freeway between south city in either direction. looking live at a look, this is 280 northbound, we showed you slow traffic, there it is on the right-hand side. let's go back to the desk.
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people in paris gathered for a moment of silence to honor the victims of friday's attacks. there were vigils for the 129 killed. they gathered in a monument in a neighborhood. raids continue across europe as they work to track down all of the terrorists responsible for the deadly attacks in paris. >> 129 people killed during some carefully coordinated bombings and shooting. the latest on this really widespread investigation. >> good morning. french authorities say they are at war with terrorists and searching now for everyone who played a role in the attacks and overnight, police in france, they carried out a sweeping series of raids. they detained 100 people with
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possible ties to isis. there were similar operations in belgium as well they're searching for the lone survivors in the attacks one of 8 people involved in the deadly bombings and shooting, he managed to escape. the 7 others themselves up or were shot deadly police. also this morning, a military counter attack is underway in retaliation for friday's massacre in paris. french war planes bombed the strongholds in syria taking out a training camp and a weapons center as well. isis hatched the plot in syria. french investigators say they believe that the suspected master mind behind the attack may be linked to failed attacks on a high-speed train heading through in august they took down the gunman and
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foiled that plot. also this morning, isis reportedly is threatening more of what they call paris-style attacks on the u.s. and other countries this all came in a newly released video just put out today. in it, they warn that any countries in those air strikes on syria will suffer the same fate as france. >> wow. >> new threats this morning. >> thank you. people are reacting showing solidarity with the french people. hundreds gathered here for a vigilant city hall mourning the terrorists terror attacks. >> very soon we have to close the streets. in a way, i'm happy.
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people can stop by and sign a book of condolences. >> they're calling on president obama to suspend a program to bring 10,000 refugees into the united states. right now, there's no specific threat in the united states, but the fact is, we have arrested over 70 followers over the last year we have active investigations in all 50 states >> a syria passport found at one of the bombing sites has been traced through greece. their state will no longer accept any refugees from syria until they review the screening procedures some 200 have settled in michigan over the past year.
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one expressed his feelings after the attacks with music. >> the man played john lennon's song imagine outside of the hall where people killed them during the friday night attacks he carried his grand piano to that location using his bicycle. the attacks had the online hacking group unanimous claiming support on this video, they promised to neutralize those behind the attacks. the huffington post announces that they're also combating the network's influence on social media in what it calls operation paris. it claims that it has taken down tens of thousands of proisis accounts as well as donation pages that support isis they will have more information throughout the morning for you.
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you can find the latest information on our web site k as well as on facebook and on twitter. oakland's police department investigating after an officer shot and killed a man not far from the oakland zoo. live at 90th avenue and that's where police are breaking up a side show and they were approached by a man who had what looked like a gun. >> reporter: police didn't realize that the man flashed a fake gun, not the real thing they did not realize that according to police until after officers fired their weapon and shot and killed a man. this happened in the area of 90th avenue and bancroft as they were trying to make up a dirt bike and motorcyclist side show. >> officers were proceeding to tow the motorcycles, the people
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cited had already left the scene and they were wait for a tow truck to arrive. >> reporter: that's when a man in the area walked up to some of the officers and without saying anything or confronting them, pointed a gun at them. officers responded by drawing their weapons and shooting him the gun that the man had turned out to be a replica. it's a picture of it. the police chief defended his officer's actions. there was no way to know it was a fake gun but residents were skepticol. >> we need more officers out here from oakland and can deal with oakland and not so quick to draw and shoot >> the accident happened after a weekend of side show activity in oakland hours before the shooting they responded to another side
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show and tried to break up that one on sunday and it involved 700 cars from around the state. police believed a man they shot and killed had nothing to do with those side shows he happened to be in the area of that motorcycle side show when police arrived. they have not identified the man that they shot, so we don't know if he lived in the area. one other thing we're trying to find out is how many fired their weapons. oakland police are going to talk about the shooting they don't know when it is going to happen, at this point, according the officer, they're interviewing the several involved. >> live at the headquarters. thank you. city counselman said that the problem is growing and police and the chp need to be held accountable. they came here to k tvu to talk about how he wants to increase
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penalties for people creating dangerous situations on streets and freeways. >> we will be proposing this week that if i catch you where there's a side show, with the prostitution or the illegal dumping, i will impound your car on the first citation, the first violation here in oakland. >> they allow them to seize cars for a second offense at a side show. time is now 7:12, the attacks on paris, they're prompting them to re-examine plans for the super bowl, changes you fans may see if you plan to go for the big game. first, placed on administrative leave, the new information about the two alameda sheriff deputies caught on video beating a man with their baton. we're looking at a commute that is going to be busy on the bridges. a little bit slow because of the wind and a little bit tough
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driving conditions because of the wind. it will be nice today, not very warm looking at the 30s around here and what's in store for the weekend and see if there's warmer weather on the way. we continue to monitor president obama's news conference. the president addressing changes to counter terrorism strategies. more live coverage after a break, you can watch a live stream of the news conference now on the web site, we'll be back. ♪
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(vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. the concerns about
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potential isil attacks in the west have been for over a year now. and they come through periodically. there were no specific mentions of this particular attack that would give us a sense of something that we need, that we could provide french authorities, for example, or about on ourselves. typically the way the intelligence works, there will be a threat strain from one
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source -- i'm not aware of anything that was specific in the sense that it would have given a premonition of an action in france that would allow for them to disrupt it. with respect for the broader issue of my critics, to some degree i answered a question earlier, when you listen to what they actually have to say, what they're proposing, most of the time when pressed, they describe things that we're already doing. maybe they're not aware that we're already doing them. some of them seem to think that if i were just more bellicose in expressing what we're doing, that would make a difference
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because that seems to be the only thing they're doing is talking as if they're tough. but i haven't seen particular strategies that they would suggest that we i make a real difference. there are a few exceptions the primary exception is those who deploy u.s. troops on a large scale to retake territory either iraq or now in syria. at least they have their honesty to say that's what they would do. i just addressed why i think they're wrong. there have been some who are well meaning, and i don't doubt their sincerity when it comes the the issue of the humanitarian situation in syria who call for a no-fly zone or a
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zone of some sort and this is an example of the kind of issue where i will sit down with our top military and intelligence advisors and we'll pain stakenly go through what does something like that look like? and typically, after we have gone through a lot of planning and a lot of discussion and really working it through, it is determined that it would be counter productive to take those steps and in part because isil does not have planes the attacks are on the ground. a true safe zone requires us to set up ground operations. and the bulk have come about not because of regime bombing but because of on the ground
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casualties. who would come in and who would come out of the safe zone? how would it work? would it be a magnet for further terrorist attacks and how many personnel would be required and how would it end? there's a whole set of questions that have to be answered there. i guess my point is this. my only interest is to end suffering and to keep the american people safe. if there's a good idea out there, then we're going to do it. i don't think i've shown hesitation to about with respect to this if it's determined it would actually work what i do not do is to take
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actions either because it is going to work politically or it is going to some how in the abstract make america look tough or make me look tough. part of the reason is because every few months i go to walter reed and see a 25-year-old kid paralyzed or who has lost his limbs and some are some i have ordered into battle and i can't afford to play some of the political games that others may. we'll do what is required to keep the american people safe. and i think it's entirely appropriate in a democracy to have a serious debate about the
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issues. folks want to pop off and have opinions about what they think that they would do, present a specific plan. if they think that some how their advisors are better than the chairman of my joints chief of staff and the folks on the ground, i want to meet them. >> you can hear obama speaking, it's an international forum to support and the attacks in paris are taking center stage. we just listened in as the president was answering the reporters question is taking on critics saying he hasn't done enough and is not doing enough against isil. the president said it would be a mistake to send troops into ground war against the islamic
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state we heard him reference his visits to the walter reed medical center who has seen lives changed forever as a result as being sent to war. we will monitor it in the news room and streaming it live for you and we will of course get back to it throughout mornings on 2. we'll take a quick break and be back ♪ sleigh bells ring, are you listenin' ♪
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who patiently teaches how ta feast comes to life. the "family" ...who spends their holiday dinner with thankful strangers. the neighbor...who shares the season with another. you inspire us to do everything we do... ...for goodness' sake. welcome back to mornings on
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2. let's check traffic now. everybody be -- behaving? >> traffic is going to be busy in many areas. let's look at the east shore freeway. it's been a long drive this morning we have had a couple minor incidents most is slow traffic. everyone is back on the road it seems like it's slow at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning you'll see slow traffic in the -- highway 4 is also slow as well. westbound 580 is slow through livemore. now let's go to steve with the weather. >> under clear skies, it's a cold one out there. tomorrow will be colder. it will be because the winds
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will die down. wood acre 37, pleasant hill, 37. 30s showing up, boulder creek, sunnyville, i saw three readings of 37 and by berkeley, 39 degrees. that's cold. down in morgan hill, 40 here, very windy. tomorrow about 34. an inch of rain and a cold 28 this morning. that's the coldest i've seen so far there will be more 20s and 30s tomorrow. 30s and 40s for many. slowing working off these morning lows it's that time.
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42-44. 36 boulder creek. tomorrow, and observations, northerly, northwest, gusting 21. 55, 56, 58, water temperatures have come down 32, 34, more rain, already just going crazy up in the pacific northwest, the storm trek stay north. temperatures will stay low. the lows tomorrow will be cold. 7:28, the way you pay for your my ny ticket will change.
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the paris attack has some wondering if super bowl 15 could be a target for terrorists how they're reacting and about security plans
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live, coming from the g-20 summit in turkey, he's
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addressing terrorism strategies after the terror attacks in paris. good morning. we're still following those new developments world leaders attending a meeting of the economic powers say they will respond to the attacks in paris. this morning, they observed a moment of silence as you see here. president obama and the other world leaders honoring the victims of the paris attacks a half-hour ago, president obama said that the countries are determined to present a united front against terrorism. >> a tragically, paris is not alone. we have seen outrageous attacks by isil in beirut, last month, routinely in iraq. here at the g20, our nations
7:33 am
have sent a message that we are united against this threat. >> president obama and russian president vladimir putin met on the sidelines of the sum met they agreed on the need for a political transition in syria and they say events in paris have made it even more urgent. we're going to continue to monitor the news conference in turkey and bring you more here. you can watch the whole conference live streaming now on the web site k super bowl 50 is just months away. fox two joining us live now, you're at levi stadium how is it reacting in the wake of the attacks and security is being looked at again for the super bowl. >> it is. super bowl 50 is going to be
7:34 am
huge, it's going to be crawling with people here around levi stadium as well as the hotels and the restaurants it's going to be the same in san francisco. there's really a number of potential terrorist targets and the nfl is closely monitoring the situation in paris and the aftermath. it released this statement. the safety of our fans stadium personnel and teams is our authority. security at our games are robust. the department of homeland security and the fbi have told the organization there are no known threats against nfl stadiums, the nfl reacted quickly security creased and that was evident in oakland inside and outside of the coliseum and in
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the parking lot >> they beefed up patrols and planning with the fbi and homeland security with the week long festivities and going to be huge crowds in and out of the super bowl fan experience. police are preparing in the south bay where there's a number of events with players, there's going to be parties >> all of those other locations could be considered soft targets for terrorists and making sure that those are also safe and a high priority for police super bowl organizers have learned from law enforcement agencies and we reached out to the nfl as well as levi stadium and police to get their comments on what the security plan is around here. i know oftentimes, they are hesitant to say too much because they don't want it out there.
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thank you. time now, 7:35, we're learning about a student from cal state long beach. the 23-year-old dream offend learning french and studying in paris, that's what she was doing when she was shot and killed while eating at a restaurant with her classmates she was an industrial design students and always willing to help other students >> she has a joyous personality and extremely lively and e nergized. >> her boyfriend posted this after the shootings it was an emotional tribute. he said she was his best friend and the most important person
7:37 am
no his life. more on the terrorist attacks. more on and on facebook and twitter. you know it's cold but you know when it's going to warm up? let's get that info >> later in the week. the next two mornings it will be very cold. it will be colder tomorrow. the breeze is holding up the lows. tomorrow, i see a lot more upper 20s and 30s. crystal clear, that's a sign. if you step outside, it will be like the strongest gusts on the coast. 38 at napa airport. fremont 37. there are 30s around, there are 40s due to the breeze especially to the north. these will change tomorrow lots of 40s in the lows. enough of that breeze, northwest, northwest, 21 gusts
7:38 am
at nevada, northeast, santa rosa. more rain in the specific northwest. a few high clouds. for us, mostly sunny. not bad as the surface, it's a north wind, chilly highs, highs in the 50s, that's it. very low 60s. what do you have? >> traffic that is going to be slow in many areas especially the east shore freeway we're going to start off and look at the bridge crossings we have been mentioning it a lot. the traffic is going to be busy on the bridges and going to be windy which might make it tough to drive if you have a small car moving along at the bay bridge approach it's a 30-minute delay. want to mention the east shore freeway is slow from the hercules area down to berkeley. looking at 580 at 680, traffic as you drive slow through livemore. traffic is slow out of
7:39 am
pleasanton and slowing all the way down to fremont. on a bus, to show you how a new ticket is rolled out today and how it works. >> reporter: we are on a bus, going this morning, we're heading south, we're testing out the new muny app it got me onboard this morning. the app launched today and so far, so good for it being used want to tell you more about it down load it on i-phone and i droid, it is free for people. down load and you can use your credit card and your paypal to
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use it. before you board, a ticket appears on the phone and you show it to the the driver and there's an 18-month trial period and you test it out and they will use the information to tweak it to see how it will improve. back here live, talking to carlos, good morning. >> is this something you would probably cruise? >> yeah, definitely, you have explained it sounds convenient, it will avoid going to the store paying for it, carrying the clipper card. we will definitely use it. >> how often do you ride muny? >> twice or three times per day, it will be perfect. >> how often do you use your smart phone? >> from the time i wake up, until the time i go to bed. it will be atamped attached. >> so far it works, i showed it
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to the bus driver and she said you're good and we're on a muny bus this morning. so far so good. people consider using it, it's an 18-month trial for the mobile app. >> there's no fee for using the app. it's the same as what you pay otherwise, right? >> exactly. you get a choice of whether you are, it gives you a choice, ask if you're a regular rider, a senior or a student, i picked how many passenger onboard, i picked two passengers and adjusted the price accordingly you can get other passes as w ell, a 1-month, 7-month, pass as well. breaking up is hard to do, why not pay someone else to do it for you? >> see the way the web site promises to help carry out your
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two sheriff deputies are on paid leave as this is investigated. the 29-year-old was identified. alameda county sheriffs believed the man was armed and possibly on drugs and that a gun was later recovered. the investigation continues. there are certain days you may want to avoid for other reasons pam cook has a new study that says monday is not a good day to fly. heading to the airport, you have to look at this going forward. a higher percentage of flights are delayed than on any other day of the week that's according to a new statistic. the agency studied flight data from january of august of this year, 2015, published by down
7:46 am
jones one reason for that is because mondays tend to be busy flying days it is the start of the workweek for business travelers, vacationers extend a bit. the report shows that regardless of the day of the week, the number one reason delights are delayed is because of weather. they suggest avoiding a connecting flight that takes you through airports that tend to see a lot of rain and snow such as chicago. early morning flights are best. there are delays they will get worse later from the day. the study looked at which states have the best on time performance and you want to take a guess as to which state is the best on-time performance? >> probably not either on the coast. i have no idea. >> hawaii. >> really? >> so we can all go to hawaii and be on time. i thought probably because of
7:47 am
the weather. utah, montana and washington are in the top states for highest percentage. we look at the five worst states when it comes to on time performance the fan ran on to the field and fell. security then took over from there. at the game, he felt threatened, he acted on it. he beat the raiders 20-13. sow is going to take care of the commute. what are you watching now? >> i was watching that video again. if he would have kept going, he could have been tackled by a drone man in pads.
7:48 am
not major accidents and pesky things. 101 clearing up something earlier here and traffic is slow. by the way, it has become a normal thing to have slow traffic in this spot which is something we never used to see now it's normal, let's live move along and look at the toll plaza, that's backed up to a 30-minute delay the traffic continues to be slow approaching on the east shore freeway which is very, very slow 880 driving down from heyward, stop and go traffic. there's a little bit of a break. there you go, steve. the patriots giants game was a good one to watch.
7:49 am
>> i thought that the giants had a chance. i thought they had a chance. the patriots are too good. >> i've never lost a game on the couch. shouldn't they have ran instead of passing? >> you would think. you and i, we're just amateurs we have clear skies, looks nice and cold out there. it will be colder tomorrow morning. it will. so just get ready because today, we have severe clear, unless you're up to the north. christmas is coming maybe santa will leave you some of the warm ear muffs it's earlier, 35 up in clear lake as we await sunrise to bring some warmth. i'll buy that and say 59 in
7:50 am
clear lake, it's cold. 30s and 40s for some. fremont at the 30s. there are many around these observations just depends, this observation might have a breeze one observation around walnut creek, there are 38s around clayton. 47, brentwood, there's a breeze for many, northwest, northwest. it's going to be a rather breezy day, windy in the higher elevations 19 in truckee. maybe along the north coast, that looks to be the southern extent. the high clouds stay to the north and we get the sunshine and it's a cold morning out there, chilly day, north wind, below normal temperatures and these high temperatures, 60s for some low, 50s for others.
7:51 am
everywhere else, 50s including gilroy, it's a cool, cool day, now tonight, the winds die down and the lows will go down. there will be some critical minimums on tuesday and wednesday and the days get warmer in the next few. >> i'm lingering in the showers in the mornings, that's the only place that's warm. >> there's no sleeping in on the morning shift >> i have learned that. taking pet therapy to a new level. how a kangaroo helps a veteran heal in utah
7:52 am
the drought is affecting at pg&e we've definitely
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put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california.
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most people are surprised the first time they see a kangaroo hopping down the hallway, but it's good for everyone. >> he is an amazing therapy pet that allows the residents to
7:56 am
rest. it's all positive. >> the first time i thought i lost my mind, then i thought, wait a minute, he has a diaper on, he must belong here. >> they saw people depressed smile for the first time in months after interacting with the kangaroo. a makeshift camp got a deadline to leave >> the paper says that organizers at the camp are working on their own with an unidentified church to set up a camp on property that is owned by the church. advocates plan to rally in berkeley, you're looking at video from a previous rally in june. tomorrow, the berkeley city council reconsiders a plan to keep people from putting their belongings in public planters
7:57 am
or urinating in the streets. the measures include the storage facilities for people's belongings and adding mobile showers and bathrooms they will be staging a sleep in tonight at 6:00. we continue to follow the fallout from the paris attack. president obama just finished a speech minutes ago. whether or not they had any warnings of the attack and what they're asking the president to keep syrian refugees out of america. expecting to hear from police about an officer- involved shooting that happened near a side show. why the chief is defending his officer's actions we're looking at a morning commute slow on the east bay commute, especially 80. skies are clear, it's breezy and it's going to be a cool
7:58 am
day. temperatures warm up ever so slowly more on that
7:59 am
8:00 am
these images of the man believed to be the master mind behind the terrorist attacks many are staying now they will not allow refugees from syria into their states. this is mornings on 2. >> good morning it is monday, november 16th.
8:01 am
i'm dave clark. >> let's check weather and traffic starting with today, if you think it's cold, you are right, also tomorrow morning will be cold. >> it's a beautiful day, looking outside out of the old weather window. a lot of comments. the dog doesn't want to go out. i understand, clear skies, a little bit of a breeze, someone out there, nice, why not? take advantage of the breeze. matt, i knew it was cold but didn't realize it was 3 9 degrees. that's cold. probably 29 tomorrow. we're starting to work off the morning lows. concord made it to 48. it doesn't feel much warmer. northwest, northwest, north, west, i think you get the
8:02 am
picture here. here. give yourself plenty of extra time this morning. we do also want to mention the traffic on southbound 101 is slow out of the city. northbound 101 through south city, nothing out of the ordinary either direction we have a signal light that is not working in the area, on the road, it's near the cal state university campus. and that's causing a huge mess
8:03 am
you don't need anything to help you along this time of the morning we want to let you know, concord police have put it out. more are on the freeway. let's go back to the desk. >> good morning. president obama's promising the u.s. will help france track down all of the suspected terrorists who carried out the deadly attacks on friday they have claimed responsibility for the massacre that left 129 people dead. >> french president said that the victims in the paris attack, they're from 19 different nationalities. here with us now with the latest on this really broad investigation. >> good morning to you. this morning, police raids are continuing across europe as authorities work to find everyone who had a hand in the attacks they detained 100 people with possible ties to isis
8:04 am
one of 8 people directly involved in deadly bombings and shooting and escaped to belgium following the attacks this morning, a military counter attack is underway in retaliation for friday's massacre in paris. french war planes bombed in syria members of the islamic state hatched the terror plot in syria. speaking today at the g20 summit said that they had no knowledge before the attacks. >> one of the challenges we have in this situation is that if you have a handful of people who don't mind dying, they can kill
8:05 am
a lot of people. that's one of the challenges of terrorism. >> president obama will reportedly meet with french president and russia leaders to discuss how they can pool the resources. isis is threatening more paris style attacks on other countries in a newly released video. the authenticity has not been confirmed. members of the state warn that countries involved in the air strikes on syria will suffer the same fate as france. meantime, french investigators are saying what the master mind behind the friday's attack in paris may be linked to a high-speed train headed to paris back in august you'll likely remember three americans in this case took down the gunman and foiled the plot we should point out, in light
8:06 am
of the attacks, the country remains on a heighten state of alert. >> and we should point out, french war planes are bombing specific targets in syria today and they're very active today. >> a widespread investigation in the counter attack. >> all right, thank you. >> time is 8:06 people reacting to the terrorist attacks showing solidarity. they mourned the victims of the paris attacks it was organized through a facebook page for french people who lived here in the bay area. >> we have to close the streets soon, in a way, i'm happy, but deeply i'm sad about what happened in paris. >> today, the french consulate
8:07 am
will open its doors to the public so people can stop in and sign the book of condolences >> the governor of texas will not accept refugees from syria saying they pose a real threat to the state. he wrote, isis claimed credit last may when two terrorist gunman launched an attack in garland, texas. they arrested an iraqi born man the congressman wants president obama to suspend the program. >> right now, there's no specific incredible threat in the united states, but the fact is, with i have arrested over 70 isis followers over the last year, we have active investigations in all 50
8:08 am
states. >> they found at one of the bombing sites have been traced through greece where thousands have sought a safe haven from the war in syria. the paris attacks have the grouper attack declaring war on the islamic state and anyone who supports it. in a video, the group promises to neutralize those behind friday's attacks. the huffington post announces they're combating it on social media in what it calls operation paris time is 8:08. with the attacks in paris, it's putting the crisis in the spotlight of the presidential election campaigns yesterday, republican candidates marco rubio said that the u.s. should no longer accept syria refugees saying it's impossible to know if they have links to the the militants.
8:09 am
at saturday's debate, hillary clinton talks about getting tougher on national security. >> we need a resolve that will bring the world together to root out the kind of radical. >> they admit we cannot determine their ties to terrorism. >> the white house plans to allow 10,000 into the u.s. within the next year saying it's confident in the u.s. screening process. we'll have continuing coverage of the terrorist attack throughout the morning news and you can get all of the latest developments on the channel 2 web site they're interviewing the police officers involved in the
8:10 am
shooting of a man near the zoo. >> the incident is linked to a series of motorcycle side shows in oakland. >> indirectly linked because police don't believe that the man they shot and killed was a participate in the side shows because in this case, everyone had already been cited and left. all of those had left when the shooting happened. it happened around 5:30 in the area of 90 avenue as police were breaking up a dirt bike and motorcycle side show. police say while they were waiting for tow trucks to take them away, a man approached them and without saying anything, he pointed a gun in their direction. officers responded by shooting the man he died from his injuries at the scene. it turned out that the gun the man had was a replica and an air soft type pistol. the police chief defended his
8:11 am
officer's action. pulled a firearm and brandished it at the group of officers they didn't know there was a replica firearm that looked real and ended up shooting at the person who walked up to them. >> we need more officers from oakland that can deal with oakland. they're not afraid of what is happening to oakland. >> it comes after a weekend of side show activity hours before the officer-involved shooting. police reponded on high street involving 700 cars from around the state. more officers were there. police are going to have a news conference later today. we don't know what time because as you mentioned, police said as of an hour ago, they were
8:12 am
interviewing the officers who were involved in the shooting we don't know how many fired the weapons that's some of the details they're waiting to find out as well as the identity of the man killed. security for the super bowl is re-examined after the attacks in paris. the changes you might see leading up to the big game. more about the tour bus crash in the union square that wounded several people, some critically. what could be a cause of the crash we are looking at a commute going to be busy this morning if you are driving on 237, stop and go traffic into the south bay. well, cold, but it will be colder tomorrow morning. it looks like a beautiful day. temperatures, they're staying cool showing you those coming up
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
saddened by the crash and cooperating. >> this morning marks the beginning of the second week of the trial against gang leader raymond chow. the reporters will not be allowed inside the courtroom this week where agents will take the stand and testify they granted the request to keep their faces hidden they will be allowed to listen to the testimony. he's charged with ordering the murder and stolen goods. getting you out the door. still slow in many areas
8:17 am
24 westbound driving from walnut creek to oakland. getting there on 680 is slow, i want to remind you at pine hallow, there is a signal light not working. moving to the toll bridge, traffic backed up to a 30- minute delay depending on which line you're and the traffic continuing to be okay. 580 westbound, most of it is slow traffic, getting better, 680 is slow down to pleasanton and into fremont. let's go to steve. >> cold this morning. it will be colder. off of highway 12 near kenwood
8:18 am
he said what do you think? below freezing. some observations, we had some things planned tomorrow. about 28-33 to be honest. it goes, ben here, it's a crisp 44 in san jose. send more, i can't do that until thanksgiving this week looks dry. there must be a breeze out of the north. 49 at half moon bay. north, northwest, 15 northwest, north, northwest. it will be a northerly breeze today. more rain on tap and another system barreling in. seattle already picked up their monthly total in 14 days and picked it up in seattle just the rain on the go. this system moved out. the dry air moving in. this system coming out of the four corners and the rockies is going to be a november tornado
8:19 am
maker moving across, the flags are up from texas to kansas, nebraska, as this system rotates out of the rockies, it will be a severe weather maker and a power house maker has a lot of cold air. cold mornings. sunny, windy, breezy, the wind, higher elevations, it's also on the coast. temperatures even if you hit 61 or 62, it's not going to stay there long and tonight, that temperature will go down. i mean, cold, tomorrow morning. tuesday and wednesday. >> wow. but sunny the rest of the week and warmer. >> thank you. you'll want to hear this before you go to holiday travel. >> the day of the week you should avoid when going by plane. >> have you fallen out of love? some say it will handle the break up for you.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
there was a moment of silence before the opening bell to honor those killed in the paris attacks. i saw the dow is up but just slightly. marriott international is about to become the largest chain in the world, it's adding a
8:23 am
million rooms by buying star wood hotels >> it's expected to close by the middle of next week, still needs approval from shareholders. they holded slow growth and was looking for a buyer. >> they are wealthier than travelers who don't use the service. researchers say that the average traveler earns about 75,000 a year. the study says there's a price the analysts say that high income users who are price conscience should increase the demand. >> hershey wants to keep things simple as to what is in their
8:24 am
chocolates >> they have eliminated the artificial flavoring it's getting rid of an ingredient that makes chocolate flow better. taco bell will serve only cage-free eggs by the end of next year it comes after years of planning it will make them the first to complete the switch to cage- free eggs. american workers are paying more for their health care and how much more might surprise you. >> according to a study, employees of mid-size and big companies paid an average of $4700 for their health insurance up from 2005. a 130% increase over a decade. a lot of people say that
8:25 am
high deductibles make it useless for them. more than half of those through health have a three house dollars deductible. it may help to pay for some items like visits to a primary care doctor before they meet the doctor. they must have a limit on out-of-pocket costs. there's a new service that let you break up with your significant other for a price. >> it was founded by two brothers in canada. the company claims it will send a breakup text or an e-mail. you can send snail mail for $20 or a traditional phone call for $29 that includes why you're ending the relationship. >> the company refers to its online store once the breakup is carried out offering suggestions on how to get over your split.
8:26 am
still ahead, we're following our coverage of the paris attacks. next, what president obama said about an hour ago about the intelligence of the attack and what he said he will not do when fighting isis. the super bowl is months away and there's concern that it could be a potential terrorist target. how security is reevaluated. we're live in san francisco where we tested out the new app. good morning, we're looking at a commute that has a couple of problems we have slow traffic and it's windy as you might tell. there is slow traffic on interstate 880. it will be a breezy day. temperatures won't be too bad. they won't stay mild for long. it's going to be a cold pattern
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
when we send troops in, those troops get injured. they get killed. they're away from their families our country spends hundreds of billions of dollars. >> president obama said his visits to walter reed medical center to visit troops wounded in battle remind him all of the time of the victims of war. 43 were killed more than 200 wounded on thursday. they say suicide bombers said to be the biggest bombing in beirut since 1990. it didn't draw the out cry from
8:31 am
the france attacks facebook criticized for not using its safety check feature after the attack. it made it available after the terrorist attacks in paris. 4 million used it to let family and friends know they were okay. now facebook mark zuckerberg says it will be turned on for some human-created disasters as well and promises to work out the details when it will be used. >> we'll have more information on the paris attacks throughout the morning and find the latest updates on the channel 2 web site, we'll help get you out the door. sticking with weather first because this is the day you need to grab a jacket. >> the afternoons won't be bad but the breeze is picked up,
8:32 am
25-35 on the coast. that surface, it picked up again. it will be a breezy day. some of the lows just some, there will be colder tomorrow morning. oakville, pleasant hill, stanford, and all between 31-39 just to name a few. 40s to 50. if you get a north breeze, that can help. fairfield northwest at 15. there's a northerly component gusting over 22 and northwest 13 and north at heyward. some areas not bad, for others, it is going to be a cool day. when the wind hails up,
8:33 am
temperatures drop. >> what do you have for us? >> slow traffic all over the place it's no it's not a light monday. let's see what we have with the toll plaza. it's like a barometer of the morning commute if you will and you can see it's up for a 20-minute delay into san francisco. if you're thinking about the commute, we have slow traffic on 80 and slow traffic to san rafael. nothing out of the ordinary. still slow in bay point and pittsburgh and we have slow traffic at 680 driving in the trivalley. let's go to northbound 280. that's improved we have some slow traffic at 17. let's go back to the desk. >> the attacks in paris have law enforcement here in the u.s. on alert. it's focusing attention on super bowl 50 as a possible terrorist
8:34 am
target. reaction from what the nfl has to say about it. >> more than a million people are expected to come into the bay area of super bowl 50 and how do you keep all of those people safe? here at le the stadium, there's going to be equipment, there's going to be bomb sniffing dogs, we reached out to see if security is being reevaluated in light of these terrorists attacks in paris. there was a response from the nfl where there were games the nfl reacted to the the terrorist attacks, security was increased inside and outside all of its games we saw heavy law enforcement presence at the raidiers game and in the parking lot. the league emphasized, there's no known threats against
8:35 am
stadiums and released this statement. the teams at all nfl games is our priority. security at our games is robust. they are designated by the department of homeland security as effective antiterrorism technology. even before the terrorist attacks, they have designated levi stadium as a threat for super bowl 50. that's the highest classification. law enforcement agencies, they have been planning for two years how to keep people secure during the week long festivities, huge crowds expected to be in san francisco for the super bowl fan experience and arrangements made in the south bay. experts say if you look at the paris attacks, unprotected areas in the surrounding areas. there's going to be a lot of areas that are soft targets
8:36 am
here with the patients and the events happening we have reached out to the police department and we're going to be talking with the police chief about their plan and reaction from the paris attacks and the preparations for super bowl l >> thank you. the board of supervisors meets tomorrow to discuss positionable changes for undocumented immigrants. it comes after lopez sanchez shot and killed kate along the san francisco waterfront in july. they have twice rejected proposals and now the da supports notifying ice about violent felonies starting today, there's a enough app you can use to ride muny and it's like a virtual
8:37 am
ticket. >> it's used to get on a bus and back on the ground in san francisco to tell us how it works. >> everyone using their smart phones, try to launch an app so that people can launch ticks there stead of standing in line at a kiosk. it's called minor mobile and launched today it's availability for iphone users. we took it to the mission district. you down load on the smart phone and start an account. you show it to the driver and it tells you when it will expire. they will consider using it,
8:38 am
but they wish it had other features as well. >> that's what i use it, i use city mappers >> definitely, you have explained it, it sounds useful and convenient. and it will avoid going to the store and paying for it. you heard that woman say she wishes it would have had a map on it. - - very simple to use. >> works well. okay, in san francisco. thank you. time is now 8:38. as the holiday shopping season gets underway, san francisco police are warning shoppers
8:39 am
about crime. a police spokesperson says that shoppers, you can avoid being the target of criminals by always being aware of what is around you. they also say, shop with your friends and family and never leave your bags in your car and don't sit them on the ground for a moment. they claim criminals are watching and will seize a chance to steal. >> keep in mind, we have multiple police officers and patrol units that work all around union square during the holiday season we have our plain clothe officers out there to monitor and see if there's anything that might be looking to attack someone and take their items. >> he points out that there will be extra patrols and surveillance cameras, more of them in union square to help deal with holiday thieves. >> almost half of the shopping will be done online that's according to survey done on behalf of the retail
8:40 am
federation and projects that 46% of the sales will be made online. that's up from last year and the highest projection and the survey's ten years of doing that survey. it projects, it will be done using a smart phone or tablet. in san francisco, the city hosted its first gathering to remember those killed in traffic collisions. it's designated as world day of remembrance for road traffic victims family members, crash survivors and others gather to remember those in the bay area one woman spoke about losing they are 21-year-old son after he was hit by a garbage truck while riding a bike in the mission. >> our family will never be the same without dillan. no family should have to go through the devastation that my family lives with every day for the safety of our children and
8:41 am
there, we must take measures to make it safer. >> some in san francisco say that the city should put in cameras to ticket speeding drivers that would take a state law to allow the city to use them. the report is to protect neighbors from serious potential problems including robberies and fires. they would limit legal marijuana grows to 100 square feet. the marijuana plants have to be secure and out of site at a home where that patient lives the city council meets about it tonight at 5:30. the county have given those in camp, 25 people have been living in tents on college property since september.
8:42 am
they say they're working with an unidentified church to set up camps own bid that church. tomorrow, set to reconsider a plan to keep people from stowing their belongings in planters and it includes a creation of a storage facility. they say they will stage a sleep in at 6:00 tonight. >> time is 8:42, we have a health alert. there's a new sexually-transmitted disease out there. the symptoms and why health officials have known about it for decades. we'll save you time and money. new report offers good insight to flights for the upcoming travel season before you book, you have to listen to what pam cook has to say after the break
8:43 am
sunny, it's nice, unless you're getting a north wind. there will be some big differences in temperatures today imagine a world where the only thing you had to wrestle for on thanksgiving was the last piece of pumpkin pie. and the only place we camped out was in front of a fire and not the parking lot of a store. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. let's put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays. with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods.
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get ready to have a lot of
8:46 am
company. thanksgiving travel expected to be up 5% this year as cheaper gas prices are letting people send the holidays with their families out of town. 62% drive to the destination. the airports and the roads expected to be very busy next week, a lot of people leaving on either monday or wednesday. >> one of the busiest airports, it was ranked one of the ten busiest airports. each year, millions of passengers pass through the airport during the holidays here's a look at the top five busiest airports. lax came in number one followed by the o'hare airport followed by denver. >> don't fly on a monday. that's the advice from the experts pam cook is back in the studio with the details on some of the
8:47 am
things you should know before booking the next flight. >> more flights are delayed or canceled on mondays than any other day of the week that is according to new statistics of the bureau of transportation. they scheduled it from august of this year. one reason is because mondays tend to be busy days. it's the start of the workweek and they begin to fly on the monday they show that regardless of the day of the week, the number one reason flights are delayed is because of weather. so for that reason, travel experfects suggest avoiding a connecting flight that takes you through airports that see a lot of rain and snow such as chicago or boston, early morning flights are best if there are delays, they tend to get worse late center the day. we're used to looking at airlines but it also looked at
8:48 am
which states have the best record and hawaii actually tops the list of highester sentage of and line flights but also utah, washington round out the top five. coming in last place is delaware. only about 66% of the flights take off on time. new jersey, new york, new hampshire and iowa report late departures. it's interesting to note. if you have to fly to or from one of these places, you don't have a lot of flexibility, if you're taking a connecting flight, makes sense to connect through airports that don't have as much weather. >> i would think because hawaii is like paradise, you're on time. >> it's a longer flight. they tend to obvious, they flight is up in the air, they can't do much about that.
8:49 am
i want to see what is happening in the commute. >> things are settling down a little bit. we have some slow traffic, the late commute is underway and it has been this way on highway 101 and slowing heading down to the peninsula and nothing major going on. bay bridge toll plaza backed up. the wind is going to get your attention and warning drivers to be careful. 8:49, let's go to steve. >> that wind played into a damaging forecast for some yesterday. we had gusts up to 45-55 miles
8:50 am
per hour. the breeze though, that's where the front rent through as well you can see there are gusts, some areas picked up more than others as far as rainfall and the strongest gusts some measured yesterday from some of the downed trees and powerlines, they're 53 miles per hour at ocean beach and see some at the oakland airport, that was yesterday. this is the area where we see the measure. see temperatures in the
8:51 am
pacific, they came across at 3.0, one of the highest readings ever above 97 and 98. it deserves a big wow for sea surface temperatures and you won't see that pretty much in your life to be honest with you to hit 3.0. we'll see, but it's off the chart. 40s to near 50 degrees for some. a north breeze, especially coast, higher elevations, everything is driving through the northwest where they're getting more rain. the lull in the four corners, blizzard conditions is going to be a major severe weather producer from about texas to oklahoma, up into canada. anything goes. texas is going to really, late tonight and tomorrow morning, there will probably be some delays it's a chilly day, unless you're benefiting from a north wind, some could be popping up to
8:52 am
some 60s most locations on the cool side and tonight, when the wind tails off the temperatures take a plunge. a lot of sunshine and warmer each day. >> we have been warned. storm trackers with the national weather service is heading through today investigating whether a tornado touched down over the weekend. an apparent tornado tore through a town southeast of modesto. people were left without power. the strong winds ripped through the area about 2:00 yesterday afternoon. the people who saw it were shocked. >> i saw the tornado. i was at the stop sign and saw it. it went through the trailer park, they were all okay and it came through here and there's a barn and a house down and it took roofs off
8:53 am
it was scary. it hailed, it hailed straight down like the size of peas my husband says. it was scary. >> homeowners, they're picking up the pieces trying to salvage whatever they can. luckily, no injuries reported. it's 8:53. it's looking like more people are opting into an unhealthy habit. those who are not lighting up a cigarette. with pg&e's free online home energy checkup. don't let your neighbor enjoy all the saving visit and get started today.
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8:55 am
there appears to be a sexually transmitted disease you may not know about. it's called mg. doctors have known about it since 1981 but they just found some evidence it can be transmitted through sexually contract. more than 90% of men and women tested didn't show signs of mg.
8:56 am
still they say they should look for changes in the cervix for a possible connection. the number of people who smoke cigarettes keep dropping in the u.s. the centers for disease control says just under 17% of adults are smokers that's down from about 21% ten years ago. however, public health officials say that smoking rates are higher among the poor, the uninsured and those who have not graduated from high school. the center for disease control report that those who are obese keeps going on up. 40% are now obese there are several reasons for that number going up. fewer than half meet the guidelines for activity as we decrease our activity and find better ways to use transportation. there's more competition at work and school that contributes to stress which makes your body
8:57 am
hungrier. >> stress can make some people seek comfort food. sleep deprivation affects hormones that increases hunger. mornings on 9 is coming up next. >> the president spoke again this morning after the paris attacks and outlined a strategy as to what is going to happen and what others can do and how it could affect super bowl l that could change things here. we're talking to film makers and how your child could benefit in the bay area. that's coming up next. as an everyday business person, and not colonel sanders,
8:58 am
why sometimes i'm just too busy to cook dinner. so, i just pick up kfc's twenty dollar family fill up with eight pieces of delicious, original recipe chicken. it's finger lickin' good.
8:59 am
we continue to follow the latest developments on the terror attacks in paris. plus does this race security
9:00 am
concerns for super bowl 50. we are live with levi stadium to keep the fans safe. we will introduce you the star of the video himself. it is a cold morning. it is not just you. welcome. looking live at the oakland. >> i should have brought my gloves out this morning. i can't get these finger warm. >> a heated blanket. remember the electric blankets. >> we appreciate you joining us this morning. we are going to start with the attacks in paris. this morning a lot of grief


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